I'm Audrey Molnar, I help women get away from screens.

Optimizing systems, tech, procedures, and project management so that you can spend more time doing... anything else.

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Bare-bones, low tech Notion & Zapier Onboarding Automation (with client database and session hub)

Manychat Instagram Automations

Set up your first Trello workflow

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Which part of business tech
is the bane of your existence?

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You know what they say, all of the best friendships are built online with strangers.I don't have big ideas. Just kidding, I do. But they don't excite me like every little step needed to achieve them does. And today, many big dreams have a lot of tech "stepping stones" along the way.In 2021, a traumatic brain injury changed my perspective on work and business. During my recovery, I prioritized balance for myself and others.I went on to become certified in content marketing, database management, editing, and SEO strategy.I worked as a freelance writer, social media strategist, and ran two Etsy businesses, which led me into an intense burnout. I learned then that running your own digital business will consume you if you let it.Now, I help female business owners streamline their operations, creating efficient systems and strategies so they can spend less time on screens and more time doing what they're called to do.Business aside, I love soup, short sentences, synchronicity, and Celtic music. And also, everything else.My favorite author is Neil Gaiman. I believe in magic.

Paths to a lower screen time...

My support style is naturally bespoke - if the list below does not resonate, tell me which tech hurdles you'd like to overcome.My ultimate goal is to help more women use technology as a tool to maintain flow, regulate their nervous systems, and focus on their passions.

Free Audit and Roadmap Session

In this session, we'll discuss the tech systems you'd like to simplify. Within 48 hours, I'll send you a detailed roadmap with how-to instructions, saving you hours of research. Perfect for tech-savvy business owners who don't have time to research!

Integration Day or Half-Day

This is the Free Audit and Roadmap Session PLUS implementation. After the audit, and roadmap creation we will schedule a day, or half of a day, to execute the plan. Things like setting up automation, building an onboarding sequence, streamlining project management, or creating your first CRM. Perfect if you're ready to have tech organization done for you, and still know how it's all working

3 Month Digital Course Build Out
Coming Soon w/ Demo